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photography sales training
Photography Training
Photography Training
Photography Training
Photography Training
Photography Training
Photography Training
Photography Training

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I own a small boutique studio in the Dallas, Texas area right off the interstate. BUT, I started in my home! Basically, I do it all.... the marketing, sales, shooting, cleaning, ...

Learn how I attract (marketing) my ideal client and turn my portraits/artwork into dollars (sales) with my super simple sales process. Just wait til you see how simply my price list is - you are welcome to copy the format (in fact, many members report getting a $500 bump in their sales average by copying the format).

Each month, members get a training video on marketing & sales training. I have done interviews and group coaching calls too.

ADVICE: If you lead with your 'inner artist/expert', marketing to the right client base becomes easier and sales become extremely easy! You see, there ARE clients who truly care about their pictures and they WANT to hire an expert/artist. Make sure they KNOW are that person! AND.... here is a kicker benefit, sales sessions are easier, more profitable, and quicker. My average sales session lasts only 45 minutes. Learn my super simply sales system.

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  • George: Mike Hatcher » I guess the answer is to judge the situation. Lead with your heart. George
  • George: Mike Hatcher » Thanks!
  • Mike Hatcher: I was a student of Chuck Lewis for years.   His comment on this was that ” the first person to...
  • Mike Hatcher: George You are a great teacher. Lots of great ideas and I have only glanced a few viedos. NO BS. Just...
  • George: Mark Whiddon » Mark.. by WEDDING website is a BigFolio. My main website and senior website is done by...
  • Mark Whiddon: Great info George! I’d like to see the setup as well. Who does your website? Mine is Flash based...
  • George: kim ortiz » I spend about $1000 a month. The goal is… you need a FINANCIAL and LIFESTYLE ROI. George
  • George: kim ortiz » Canvas only
  • George: kim ortiz » See my website for current information
  • kim ortiz: How much do I need to spend to make it effective?  
  • kim ortiz: Great idea George. Love the idea of gifting. I like to send fresh baked cookies the next day and surprise...
  • kim ortiz: Do you not sell mounted wall portraits? Just canvas?
  • kim ortiz: Do you have a minimum order?
  • George: Kelly Reilly » Yes… Qflash.. 4Td…
  • Kelly Reilly: Which portable flash do you have?   Qflash?   Quantum? Thanks
  • George: Michael Stickney » Thanks! Welcome aboard.
  • George: Mark Whiddon » Yes.. that is correct. I am thinking of raising the price a little. I think $1,100 is too...
  • Michael Stickney: I like that.
  • Mark Whiddon: Can you explain the Signature Album Pricing?   Is it a base fee of $500 plus $40×15 for a 15 image...
  • George: Tim Kamppinen » Or

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